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Longwood SPOs Train at the Boston Police Academy

Longwood Special Police Officers

By Jeff Edmiston

At Boston Police Commissioner Davis’ and Superintendent Fitzgerald’s invitation, Special Officers (SPO’s) assigned to Longwood Security’s Community Service Division attended in-service training at the Boston Police Academy. This was a monumental opportunity as it is rare for private and public law enforcement to train together.

The day began with Longwood Officers meeting with members of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC). Our SPO’s were shown what to look for when it comes to possible terrorist attacks; taught best practices and methods for passing along information to the BRIC and the Boston Police; and, officers received considerable insight into how the BRIC obtains, assesses and disseminates critical, life-saving information in real time and otherwise through its international video, voice and data connections.

After working with BRIC, our SPO’s spent time refreshing and honing their defensive tactics in the Boston Police Academy gym. Officers worked and trained with the same officers who instruct all Boston police officers. We also received refresher training in appropriate and effective handcuffing and prisoner restraints techniques.

The last section and likely the most interesting and challenging was the Range 3000™ segment. Range 3000™ provides real life ‘shoot/ don’t shoot’ scenarios. Officers were put in life-like virtual scenes and challenged to respond appropriately. Officers were judged and critiqued based on their individual responses.
Range 3000™ is a great tool which puts an officer into a real world scenario and challenges the officer to use their training and common sense in determining how to effectively handle each situation.

The scenarios used ranged from robberies, kidnapping and kids playing with firearms. The officers who attended felt they received the most out of this training segment.

The training received, and the camaraderie shared, showcases the partnership enjoyed by the Boston Police Department and Longwood Security Services, Inc.

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